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How Safe Is Your Car With Auto Moving Services?
about 2 years ago

As a customer, the last thing you want to face is a bad shipping experience like getting your car damaged or having personal items missing or stolen. Shipping services give a number of opportunities for the customer to lessen their burden. However, as a customer, you need to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right auto transport company. Every car shipping service will try to charm their way to move your car across the country but you need to do your research.

So where to begin? Let’s keep certain things in mind.

Tips For Car Safety Concerns During Shipping

The process of car shipping is usually quite safe. Safer than your fears in fact. Although theft or accidents might happen, there are certain ways to minimize the risks related to transport.

1. Transport Choice

Vehicle safety is a must. To ensure that your car is safe during shipping, you have two most common options to choose from - open transport or enclosed transport.

Open transport is a lot convenient because it is less expensive than enclosed transport. But the biggest drawback is that in case of a crash your car will be easily damaged. It is not protected by external elements. Choosing enclosed transport for a long distance is a more preferable choice in the long run. For shorter distances, you can choose open transport so the risk of car damage is minimized.

2. Theft Risk

As a customer choosing auto transport for the first time, you need to be aware of two things - theft occurrence can be related to your car or the items of personal belonging stolen from the car.

If a shipping service is dishonest about their so-called “streamlined process” then your car or personal items of belonging will always be at risk.

So here’s what you must do;

  • Make sure whether the car shipping company you are choosing to move your vehicle is a broker or a carrier.
  • Always verify the company registration information.
  • Keep track of the financial transactions.

Usually, the layout of the enclosed transport isn’t theft-friendly but people can find creative ways to steal. Sounds impossible but one would need to know a lot of creative maneuvers to go to such lengths.

3. Accident Occurrence

Even with the most streamlined processes, accidents and crashes can occur. The potential risk is an understood thing. But surely enough with the right transport vehicle choice chances can be reduced as described above.

Another way to reduce the potential accidents is to investigate the accident stats about the specific auto transport services.  You can visit the official websites or if you are not sure where, to begin with then you can visit review sites like Clutch to learn more details.

4. Keep An Eye On Fraudsters

Now here’s the thing - car transport companies aren't as well regulated as they should be. With a few dollars in their pockets, anyone can register a company and well the results will be disastrous.

So how can you ensure you are not being conned by a fraudster? Check the motor carrier number assigned to each car shipper. This will also help you verify about the company in detail, and if there has been any customer complaint record.

If you start with these basic tips you can save yourself a lot of future trouble when moving your vehicle anywhere in the US. So make a wise choice when choosing the auto moving services.

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