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7 Best States for Working Remotely
about 2 years ago

Did anyone say remote work? If you are reading this, then you’d know since the pandemic hit us hard, there had been a paradigm shift in the work routine. Well, you are not alone in it. Many people had to make their bedroom their office or even utilize the dining room for the sole purpose. So is your home environment important? Absolutely.

Sometimes I think that shipping and remote work are too similar. If you give it a thought, ask yourself “what’s the similarity between working remotely and auto shipping companies?” Both give you the tendency and the comfort from staying at home without having the need to step outside your home. Especially during the pandemic, the goal is to stay safe while you peacefully continue to work from home.

So keeping the safety, size, and price of homes, cost of living, and internet connectivity factors in mind we have prepared a list of states that fit best for remote work.

So read on!


1. Delaware

What makes Delaware the best state to work remotely in the US? Known by its nickname “The First State” is one of the original 13 states. Turns out it has the second-best environment from the remote work point of view alongside the 7th best living environment too.

Cost of living index score: 114

Internet connectivity: 6 out of 50

Home price: $254,108


2. Washington

The constituent state of the USA is one of the wealthiest and socially liberal states of the country. Known for the best life expectancy and the low unemployment rate it is ranked the second-best state to work remotely.

Also, the electrical costs are lower while the households are higher in number with the internet access. Also, it ranks 9th for the work environment while 3rd for the living environment.

Cost of living index score: 116

Internet connectivity: 14 out of 50

Home price: $409,228


3. New Hampshire

With a broad-based growing economy, New Hampshire still has a low residential electricity consumption compared to the other states.

It is one of the five states with super active cybersecurity which makes it perfect for remote working but the cost of the internet can be the most expensive here. It ranks 1st for the work environment but on the other hand, it’s in the 40th position for the living environment.

Cost of living index score: 113

Internet connectivity: 13 out of 50

Home price: $290,163


4. Colorado

Even before the pandemic crisis, Colorado had a high number of remote working people; now it is ranked as the 4th best state for remote work. Comparatively to other states it is wealthy and ranks 8th for household income. Also, it ranks 3rd for the work environment and 24th for the living environment.

Cost of living index score: 110

Internet connectivity: 23 out of 50

Home price: $397,820


5. Georgia

Honored as the last of the original 13 states in the USA, most of the economy is transformed by a group of politicians, businessmen, and journalists. Currently, it ranks as the 5th best state for remote work and 23rd for the work environment. However, it is ranked as 1st from the living environment’s point of view.

Cost of living index score: 94

Internet connectivity: 20 out of 50

Home price: $201,294


6. Arizona

With a larger economy, even bigger than Ireland and Finland, Arizona is ranked as the 6th best state for remote work. Although it ranks 8th for the work environment and 13th for the living environment as it can get very hot in summer in South Arizona. Besides, the number of remote workers is growing continuously during the pandemic in Arizona.

Cost of living index score: 99

Internet connectivity: 29 out of 50

Home price: $268,765


7. Utah

The 7th best state for remote work is Utah despite low cybersecurity. It is considered the top state in the nation for its knowledge-based, globalized, entrepreneurial, and technology-driven economy. In terms of small business, it is considered to be a friendly state. Utah ranks 6th for the work environment and 23rd for the living environment.

Cost of living index score: 103

Internet connectivity: 11 out of 50

Home price: $348,376


So What Will It Be For You?

You can always learn more about these states with detailed information about the cities, demographics, real estate, and so on. In case you want to do remote work in any of these states, it is highly possible. If you are already doing so then it’s perfect. However, if you plan to move there then you can always have the facility of vehicle transport services to deliver your car to the desired location and besides you can always appoint professional people to help you pack and deliver.

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